Victory Services, LLC
Investigating Arizona since 1995

Process Service
Ambush Serve is a division of Victory Services that handles difficult process service assignments.  Ambush Serve is a low volume process service company that specializes in tight deadlines, difficult situations and service on elusive and avoiding individuals.

Ambush Serve specializes in rush serves, individuals that are avoiding service, and any serve that requires surveillance or skip tracing.

Must be served today...                             NO problem!
Gated communities...                                 NO problem!
3:00 AM at Central & Southern...                 
NO problem!

Serving Maricopa and Pinal Counties

THE FINE PRINT - Our process servers are experienced professionals.  They DO NOT BREAK THE LAW and they DO NOT EMPLOY QUESTIONABLE METHODS to effect service of documents.  Their success is a matter of careful planning, persistence and the use of cutting edge surveillance techniques that allow them to identify, locate and serve papers on the most determined avoiders.


Arizona Department of Public Safety license #1003693